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2011 Year End Update

The Year End Updates for most customers with a current software maintenance contract were mailed on 12/22.

Social Security Rate Update

1/5/2012 - We have published a new federal tax rate file for 2012 with the 4.2% social security rate for employees.  Customers can now go to the Payroll->Setup->Federal Tax Rates option and click on the Get Updates button to download the new file.

If you have any trouble downloading the new rate, you may also edit the rate manually.  Enter "0.042" for the FICA Employee Rate as shown below:

Form 940A

12/28/2011 - All customers in Credit Reduction States (including California, Florida, Michigan, Georgia, Minnesota, Nevada, Virginia) need to download the latest version of the program before filing their Form 940/940A.  A bug has been found and fixed with the amount printed on the Form 940A. 

Customers can download the latest version by going to the Tools menu and selecting the Check for Updates option.  If you are unable to use this option to download the update, call Datatech's customer support department to request an update on CD.

The Form 940A is fixed in The Farmer's Office and The Labor Contractor's Office version or later, and in The Shipper's Office and The Brokers' Office in version or later.  Go to Help->About to check the version that you are currently running if you are not sure if you have the corrected version.

SUI Rate for 2012

12/28/2011 - Each year, you should receive a notice from your state telling you what your Unemployment Insurance tax rate is for that year, and you should enter that rate under Payroll->Setup->State Tax Rates.  Because it may change each year, the new state tax installation method was designed to not copy your SUI rate from the 2011 file.  However, it has come to our attention that the old tax rate installation method did copy the SUI rate from the prior year, and many customers relied on this.  In most cases, this is because the state has already assigned them the highest SUI rate possible and it is never lowered. In these situations, customers did not need to change or check their SUI and Training tax rates to make sure they are correct.

The new state tax rate installation method has been updated to work like the old one, but if you already have the 2012 state tax rates installed, you will have zeros for your SUI and Training Tax rates.

Before updating your first Payroll Journal for 2012, make sure that you have entered your SUI Rate in the state tax rate file.  If you do not have a rate entered, no SUI tax will be accrued.  This means that the Payroll Tax Deposit window will not show an amount due for SUI, and the Wage and Tax Summary and other reports that rely on the rate being entered will not calculate any SUI tax.

The latest versions of the program include a change to the Payroll Journal that will automatically check for a zero rate and warn you if it is not entered, and ask if you want to copy your rate from the prior year.

If you manually enter the SUI tax rate, remember to enter it as a decimal (e.g. 5.4% should be entered as 0.054) as shown below:

Installation Folder

12/26/2011 - Updates for The Farmer's Office and The Labor Contractor's Office may not default to the correct installation folder and you may need to change it.  If you do not install the update to the correct folder, the program will not display the correct version when you go to Help, About.  Uninstall the update using the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs (XP) or Programs and Features (Vista & Windows 7).  Then reinstall the update to the correct folder.

If you are not sure what the correct folder is, right click on the Farmer's Office or Labor Contractor's Office icon, select Properties, and check the Target setting:

The part before "Programs" is what you want to use for the installation folder.  The majority of customers will have a drive letter, followed by the main installation folder, "F:\Winfarm" in this example. 

Some customers may have only a drive letter, e.g. "H:\Programs".  In this situation, the installation folder should be "H:\"

Social Security Tax Rate Change

12/26/2011 - Updates were mailed prior to legislation passing keeping the employee Social Security tax rate at 4.2%.  The CD includes a federal tax rate file with the 6.2% rate that was scheduled to go into effect.  As soon as the IRS provides an updated Notice 1036/Publication 15, Datatech will make available a new federal tax rate file with updated rates.  You will be able to download updated rates in the program by going to the Federal Tax Table window and clicking on the Get Updates button.

If you issue any payroll checks using the 6.2% rate, the program will do an automatic correction on the employees' next payroll check once the correct rate has been installed.

If the only change is in the percentage for the employee Social Security rate, you can also simply edit the rate, changing it from .062 to .042.  This can be done if you are unable to download the new rates for some reason.

This rate will be in effect for the first two months.  If the same rate is extended for the entire year, no other changes will be necessary.  If there are any changes to the rate for the rest of the year or to the calculation method, additional program updates may be required.

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