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Software Support

Datatech's toll free support line is (800) 833-8824.  Our fax number is (559) 226-5418.  

Customers also can email questions to

Our Frequently Asked Questions section is currently under construction...

View instructions for downloading, installing, and using UltraVNC here.

Do you need information on compatible check forms for Datatech Accounting Software?  Click here.

For information about quarter closing workflow, quarterly reports and the new option for generating and uploading the California quarterly report files, see our payroll videos page,

Software Updates

Customers may use the Check for Updates option on the Tools menu to check to see if a program update is available.  The program will automatically check to see if the current update is a newer version than the program you are currently running.  If a newer version is available, the program will automatically download it and begin the installation process. 

Customer Newsletters Online

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Newsletter Articles by Subject

Datatech Accounting Software

Acreage Split Memorization

Auto-Find Addresses

Balance Sheet isn't bringing balances forward from prior year

Bank Reconcilement Tips

Bank Reconcilement - New Users

Batch Payables Check Printing - New Options

Cash Basis vs. Accrual Accounting

Closing Payroll Quarter & Year Workflows

Credit Cards - How to Keep Track of Charges & Balances

Export Reports to a Spreadsheet

Export Journal Transactions

Change Employee Pay Rates

Field Set up - Do I have to set up new fields each year?

Grower Labor Reports - How to Add Sub-Totals

Grower Labor Reports - How to Edit

Grower Labor Reports - Generating from Daily Payroll

Labor Contractor Invoices - Adding sub-totals

Miscellaneous Employee Deductions

Overtime Calculation on Piecework

Overtime Premium Report

Payroll Journal Updating Problems

Payroll Quarter and Year Archive Files

Positive Pay Fraud Detection Integration

Quick Employee Entry

Recurring Journal Transactions

Review Journal Transactions

Saving Invoices as pdf files

Software Maintenance Contract Policies

Special Tax Deductions - How to Verify Reportable Wages

Tax Deductions - Why Aren't They Incorrect?

Unapplied Credits

Voiding Payroll Checks in a Prior Quarter

W-2 Ordering Information

Year End Reminders

Ag & Payroll  News

Arizona Requires e-Verify

Bonus & Incentive Pay Policies

CAL/OSHA Injury Reporting

Check Printing (Costco)

Check Stub Requirements

Correcting Social Security Numbers

EECU Ag Sweeps

Electronic W-2 Submission

Employment Law Summary

Failure to Pay Rest Meals & Break Periods

Heat Illness Laws

HIRE Act Tax Credit

Lodging and Pay Compensation

Minimum Wage Compliance When Paying Piece Rate

Pre-Populated I-9 Use Questionable

Overtime Rules when working in ag & non-ag work

Re-issue Payroll Check Fees

Self Employment Disability Insurance

West Nile Virus Recommendations



Backup Reminders

Beware of Bogus Flash Player Installs

Death of the Dot Matrix Printer

How to Burn a CD

Intel Core Duo Laptops

Intel Core 2 Duo Computer Systems

Label Printers

Laptop systems with 10 key number pad

Media PC Information

Microsoft Security Essentials

NOD32 Anti-Virus Software

On-site Travel Rates

Password Rules

Plants That Play Music

TeleVantage Phone Systems

Things to Consider Before Buying a Laptop

Wave IP Telephone System

Wireless Networks

Veritcal Telephone Systems - New Telephone Products (Spring 2008)

Vertical Xcelerator IP Phone System

VISTA Research

VoIP - Everything you wanted to know but were to afraid to ask

VoIP - High Phone bills? Multi-Locations? VoIP may be your answer

Additional Articles

W-2 Printing Tips.  Some things to check before printing, and what do to if your printer has problems while printing your W-2's.

Setting Up Other Income Types   Instructions for handling 401k plans, insurance, tips, or cafeteria plans that have special taxability status.


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