DE 9/DE-9C Reporting

As of 2011, the EDD has replaced the quarterly form DE-6 with the form DE-9C.   They have also eliminated the annual DE-7 reconciliation form and replaced it with a quarterly reconciliation form DE-9.  Both the DE-9C and DE-9 have to be filed every quarter. 

The following is a link to the EDD's news release regarding these changes:

If you re-print the DE-6 or re-generate the mag media file for any quarter prior to 2011, the DE6 will be printed/generated instead of the new form.  The DE-7 will also still be available on the Year End Tax Reporting menu in case you need to re-print it for year 2010 or prior.

Both of the forms were included with the 2010 year end update.  No software updates are required to generate the California DE-9 & DE-9C reports.  Note: the Federal Form 941 has changed and will require an update.  Please contact our support department if you file the 941 form for this update.

The state will no longer be accepting the file on diskette or CD.  Instead, the file will be downloaded to the EDD through their on-line services.  This is similar to the annual W-2 filing to the Social Security Administration.  According to the EDD's website, any users that have used on-line services in 2010 and prior will need to re-apply for a new user account to get the expanded services.  Please consult with the EDD if you have any questions on registering or uploading the file. 

To generate the DE-9C file (Electronic Filers):

The DE-9C will be generated from the Generate Quarterly Magnetic Media File screen.

Select a Destination that is easy to locate when you upload the file on the EDD�s website.  (In the above example, the file is saved to the Desktop so it will be easy to find when uploading.)  The Magnetic Media Report will also print the location of the magnetic media file, so you may want to print this after the file is generated.  The file name is MMREF.

To upload the file to the EDD, please consult the website above for more details.

To print a paper copy of the DE-9 & DE-9C:

The Quarterly State Reports option will generate the paper DE-9C form as well as the DE-9.  Both reports will print as one document.  The DE-9 must be filed on paper regardless of whether you file the DE-9C electronically or on paper.  

The Quarterly State Report for California will now have the SUI Tax, Training Tax Rate and Previous Payments entries.

The Previous Payments is the payments for the reporting quarter only.  You may need to exclude payments made toward the beginning of the first month in a quarter if they are for the prior quarter.  There is a button to list the payments from the payables check inquiry.  This will help to view payments if you are using the program to enter your tax payments.


The first part of the report will be the DE-9C.  The DE-9 will print on the last page.



Printing only the DE-9 form:

If you file the DE-9C electronically and only need to print the DE-9 click on the Preview button on the Print Quarterly Payroll Report window.  In the lower left corner you'll find the current page and total page numbers.  The last page of the report is all you need to print.

To print just the last page, click on the Printer button in the upper left corner of the Print Preview window.  You may also want to use the last page button to view the page before printing.  Then select just that page to print.

Electronic filers may choose to print the entire document in order to keep a printed record of the DE-9C.

Uploading the File

These instructions are provided for the convenience of Datatech customers.  Datatech support personnel can not provide support for the Employment Development Departments e-Service website.  If you have any questions regarding uploading your file please contact the EDD.

1. Go to

You must be registered for new e-services.  If you have not enrolled or re-enrolled since March 1, 2011, click on e-Services for Business Login and enroll for a new username and password.

 2. Enter your username and password and click on Login.

 3. Main account page: Click on "Attach a Return File" on the right.

 4. Upload Page:  Select Type: DE-9C, MMREF, ZIP. Select the Zipped file from where you generated it to. Fill in the rest of the page based on your account information.

 5. Under "Return File Upload":  Fill in account info and wage info generated to the file.

 6. Declaration: Fill in your information.

 7. "Are you sure?":  Answer Yes if you correctly filled in the information and selected the zipped MMREF file. Answer No if you have made a mistake.

 8. Confirmation Page:  Click on "Print" to get a printable confirmation.