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Cost Accounting:  Expense Report

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There are several uses for the Expense Report.  It is designed to detail the cost accounting breakdown of expenses to each general ledger account.  In other words, this report answers the question "What cost centers and job codes were used on transactions to a particular general ledger account?"  Here is an excerpt from a report::

The Expense Report can be printed for any range of general ledger accounts, in detail or summary (as shown above) formats.  This report can assist in reconciling amounts from the cost accounting system with the General Ledger amounts.  For instance, here is a General Ledger Update report printed in monthly summary format for the same account and time period:

Note that the total of transactions on both report match, indicating that the cost accounting system agrees with the general ledger system.

The Expense Report can also be used to make sure that all transactions have been expensed to a cost center.  For instance, in the sample report above, there is a total of 244.88 that has not been assigned to a cost center.  You may want to examine a detailed version of this report to review the transactions that make up that total.

In addition to the total dollar amount for each cost center, the report prints a per acre analysis.  This may be helpful when comparing fields growing the same commodity, where you expect each field to have similar costs per acre.  In the example above, the "Struckmeyer" field has a much higher cost per acre than the other fields.  This might indicate a problem on that field that resulted in higher costs or possibly an entry error.


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