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Datatech is your one-stop for accounting software solutions for the agriculture and produce industries.

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The Farmer's Office is a complete bookkeeping system designed to meet the cost accounting needs of growers. It's designed to be easy to learn and use, while providing powerful features for accurately tracking income and expenses by field, crop, ranch, and variety. By providing detailed cost and income information, The Farmer's Office can help you make more informed management decisions.

The Labor Contractor's Office is a powerful payroll and accounting system designed for the demanding payroll requirements of labor contractors. With fast payroll entry options, a check stub designed for labor contractors, magnetic media reporting, multi-user network capability, and full accounting options, The Labor Contractor's Office provides a superior payroll system.
Datatech Human Resource Management software (HRMS) can be added on to any accounting package.  In addition to the typical features you would find in an HR package, it includes agriculture specific features.  It allows you to manage health insurance benefits (including determining employee eligibility under the Affordable Care Act regulations), track enrollments and generate enrollment files that can be submitted to insurers (including Western Growers/Pinnacle).

The Shipper's Office is a complete package to automate order entry, inventory, grower accounting, bookkeeping and financial reporting functions for fresh produce shippers who sell on behalf of growers.

The Broker's Office includes all the features required for produce brokers who need brokerage and buy/sell invoicing capabilities.

WinChem automates California Restricted Use pesticide reporting, including printing the Notice of Intent, Monthly Use Report, and WPS Posting Notice.  It also tracks chemical inventory balances, employee's that perform applications, and worker safety meeting attendance.

The Hay Broker's Office help you manage the entire process of billing your customers and paying growers, brokers, haulers, and landlords.  Weight certificate information for hay purchased from growers is entered one time and used to generate your invoices and settlements.  It can be used as a stand-alone package or it can be integrated with our accounting software.

Food Processor Accounting

The Food Processor Accounting system is used by companies that process, pack, and ship dried fruits, nuts, and grains. It includes Order Entry, Inventory, Invoicing, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, and General Ledger.

Grape Delivery/Grower Payment Software

Software for wineries to simplify tracking deliveries from growers, inventory management, and calculating grower payments.

Raisin and Prune Grower Accounting

Datatech sets the industry standard for grower payment software for raisin packers.  Our complete solution handles everything from incoming inspections all the way through the final payment to the grower.  Twelve Central Valley raisin packers are now using our software, many of whom are also using our Food Processor Accounting software as well.  A similar system for handling payments for prune growers is also in use.  Call Isaac Davidian at 1 (888) 222-DATA, extension 106, for more information.

General Accounting

Datatech's General Accounting system can be used by a wide variety of businesses. Specialized modules are available to customize our general system for individual industries, including job costing, work orders, purchase orders, automatic billing, point of sale, customer service tracking, multi-warehouse inventory tracking, and specialized order entry applications.

Some of the types of businesses using our General Accounting system include: chemical wholesale/retail, retail ag supply, contractors (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, building, fire sprinkler), public water/sewage utility, waste disposal and recycling, and computer software (yes, we eat our own dog food!).

Custom Programming Services

In addition to our pre-written software packages, Datatech also offer custom programming services.  We can create standalone programs for your company or integrate custom software with our pre-written accounting packages.  The advanced software development system that we use and the extensive experience of our developers reduces programming time. (Translation: we can write software faster, costing you less money!)

Custom applications that Datatech has created include:  pump sales/repairs, nematode testing, soil/water/leaf testing, and nut inspection/delivery tracking.

If you're looking for software and can't find exactly what you need, ask us about writing the software for you.  Call us toll free at 1 (888) 222-DATA and talk to either Isaac Davidian (ext. 106) or Matthew Davidian (ext. 105).

Click here to request more information for any of our products. Thank you!