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PTI Case Labeling Software

Sample PTI Labels

The Produce Traceability Initiative

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What is the PTI?

The Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) is an industry wide effort aimed at creating a traceability process that will enable the quick and efficient electronic tracking and tracing of produce cases between supply chain members.

 You are no doubt using some method of traceability, including labeling of cartons and pallet tags, but this new initiative is meant to standardize this process throughout the industry.

 What is Datatech doing to help you be compliant?

Datatech will have available a complete labeling system that will help you create GTIN codes, send codes to your customers for synchronization, print carton labels to PTI specifications, either in the packing shed or in the field, and synchronize carton label

information with pallet tags in The Shipper’s Office for outbound carton tracing. We will also be providing additional pallet tag options in the format required by PTI.

 PTI Case Labeling Software

 Software Features:

· Set up a permanent list of fields, growers and brand owners for the products you pack and sell.

· Set up GTIN numbers for all products you pack and sell.

· Create a CDF (comma delimited format) file to transmit GTIN information to your customers.

· Create and assign lot numbers to uniquely identify each day’s pack-out from each field or block.

· Print case labels for each case packed.

· Maintain a permanent record of case label information, including field or block id, location, harvest date and grower.

· Track case label information for each outgoing shipment.

· Integrate case label information with pallet tags generated from The Shipper’s Office to maintain detailed case label data on outgoing pallets.

· Import and export capability for all data.

 Hardware Required:

· Computer with Windows XP or Windows 7. A laptop computer may be used for field pack operations (see below).

· Label Printer:

· For stationary operations, such as a packing shed, Datamax I-4208 is recommended.

· For field pack operations, a smaller printer, such as a Datamax E-4205, that can operate from an inverter or battery pack.

· For low-volume printing, we have also included an option to print case labels using a laser printer and a stock Avery label. This would be suitable for packing shed operations or printing labels for field pack in batches at your office (see Field Pack Operations below).

 Packing Shed Operations:

Packing shed operations can use stationary computers and printers. If you have more than one printing station, it is recommended that the computers be networked and update one main database on a server.

 Field Pack Operations:

Cases that are packed in the field may be labeled in one of three ways:

· In field printing of case labels using a laptop computer and printer that can be powered by battery or an inverter. Typically, such a print station could be installed in a truck or van. Use of a laptop computer in direct sunlight would require one with a sunlight viewable screen.

· Case labels are printed in batches in the office and taken to the field for application. Quantities of labels would be printed based on expected yield, and unused labels would be removed from the case label inventory.

· Case labels are printed when the product arrives at the warehouse. This process would not work if there are packages on the pallet that do not have one side exposed for label application. 

At this time we are not offering a program to print case labels from a “hand-held” computer. There are various models of hand-held or portable computers that use Windows Mobile or Windows CE. These computers will not run software designed for Windows XP. We have limited our software development to Windows XP to maintain compatibility with our other shipping and packing software. Also, costs may be lower, since you can use “off the shelf” computers that you may already have on hand, rather than buy expensive hand-held units.

As the Produce Traceability Initiative is implemented over the next few years, Datatech is committed to providing the tools you need to meet the needs of your customers.

How can I get more information?

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Call toll free, (888) 222-DATA, and press 2 for software sales

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If you are located in the Central Valley and would like a personal demonstration, please call to arrange an appointment either at our office in Fresno or at your office.  If you are located outside central California and have a high speed Internet connection, we also offer a "remote demonstration" where you can log into our server from your computer and we show you how the program works while talking to you on the phone.





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