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Updated on:  06/21/2013


05/31/2013 - Datatech has released a program update that includes a Full Time Employee report.  This will help customers determine whether or not they fall over the 50 employee threshold, and therefore be subject to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) or "Obamacare."  For more information on the PPACA and program change click here.

California Electronic Reporting

03/31/2013 - Datatech has updated it's software to crete xml files for California Electronic Payroll Filers.  Both the DE9 & DE9C can be generated in a xml file and uploaded to the state through their e-services website.

CARB Regulation

Effective January 1, 2013, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) will commence enforcement of the California regulation requiring the party that arranges the transport of perishable goods to only hire and load carriers that have compliant transport refrigeration units (TRU's). Click here for more information on the regulation and adding a compliance message to your Bill of Ladings.

Work in Progress Field Accounting

08/01/2011 - New options have been added to the cost accounting module to handle accounting for Work in Progress (WIP) fields.  Work in Progress accounting is normally used by large farming operations that need to defer expenses and/or income until a crop is completely harvested and sold.  This type of accounting is needed in order to produce more accurate interim financial reports for management and financial institutions.

If you would like assistance setting up or transitioning to the Work in Progress system, please contact Hannah.  On-site or remote appointments may be scheduled at our regular hourly training rates.

FUI Rate Change

As of July 1st, the FUI rate decreased to .6%.  Datatech updated all of it's software programs to accrue and calculate liability with two rates in the same year.

California to Replace DE-6 and DE-7 forms with one quarterly DE-9 form

This notice was recently posted by the Employment Development Department at

 Starting with the first quarter of 2011, employers will begin filing new:

· Quarterly Contribution Return and Report of Wages (DE 9)

· Quarterly Contribution Return and Report of Wages (Continuation) (DE 9C).

Employers will report their Unemployment Insurance, Employment Training Tax, and State Disability Insurance contributions, along with the Personal Income Tax withholdings, quarterly on the DE 9 instead of annually on the Annual Reconciliation Statement (DE 7). Detailed wage items for each worker will be reported on the DE 9C instead of the Quarterly Wage and Withholding Report (DE 6). Employers will still use the DE 6 and DE 7 for years prior to 2011.

The change to quarterly reporting will allow EDD and employers to identify overpayments more quickly, which will result in faster refunds. In addition, EDD will be able to promptly notify employers of any amounts due.

 Registered employers will receive the new forms automatically by mail starting in 2011. The new forms will also be available online and at local EDD offices in December 2010.

 Employers will continue to make deposits using the Payroll Tax Deposit (DE 88ALL) form. The quarterly reporting change will not affect deposit and return due dates. Please refer to the California Employer’s Guide (DE 44) for deposit and reporting requirements.

 Datatech will be updating it’s software to handle the new form and/or electronic filing.  If your software is no longer being updated, please contact Datatech now to discuss your software needs and find out if we can import payroll information from your current software

PTI Case Labeling Software

04/30/10 - Datatech releases its new PTI Case Labeling software.  [Read More]

Document Management Software Debut

We’d like to thank everyone who stopped by our Document Management demonstration booth at the World Ag Expo.  We received a lot of positive comments on the system and some good suggestions for enhancements. 

The release date for the system is the end of May.  Hannah and Brittany will be assisting James in setting up installation and training for the system.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call our sales department.

Datatech Has Moved!

11/30/2009 - We are still in the same office building, but we have moved across the hall to a larger office.  Please update your records with our new suite number: 124

Federal Minimum Wage Change

07/24/2009 - As of today, the federal minimum wage changes to $7.25 per hour.  You can use the Check for Updates option on the Tools menu to download the latest version of the program which will automatically change the rate for you, or simply go to the Tools, Program Setup, Payroll, Minimum Wage option and enter 7.25 for the Federal Minimum Wage.

Several state already have a minimum wage that is higher than the federal minimum wage, including California, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and Michigan.  For employers in these state, there is no change.  Several states, including Florida, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, and Wisconsin have minimum wage rates that match the federal rate.  Once the federal minimum wage rate has been updated, the program will start using it to perform minimum wage verification on piecework wages.

Keep in mind that the minimum wage is only use for minimum wage verification of piecework wages.  If you have employees that are set to hourly for the pay type and have a pay rate under 7.25, you will need to update the pay rate on these accounts.  This can be done individually or using the Employee Utilities (click here for more information on using the Employee Utility wizard to change pay rates).

Update to California Withholding

07/03/2009 - Earlier this year, the state of California made two changes to state withholding in an effort to balance the state budget.  One of these changes is a quarter of a percent increase in the state withholding rates.  A program update is required to install the revised withholding tables.  Customers using The Farmer's Office, The Labor Contractor's Office, The Shipper's Office, and The Broker's Office can download the updated program and tax tables by using the Check for Updates option on the Tools menu.  After installing the update, the new tax rates will be installed when the program is restarted.

The second change does not require a program update or change to tax tables.  The dependent credit has been reduced. Employees that claimed 3 credits per dependent (per the old DE-4 form) will have their state income tax underwithheld (by about $200 per dependent).  A new DE-4 form has been issued by the state and employees are encouraged to review their exemptions and make adjustments according to the changes.

The following links may be useful:

Taxpayers Should Review Their Withholding to Avoid Tax Bills Next April (EDD)

State cuts tax exemptions for kids (San Francisco Chronicle)

Revised DE-4 (EDD)

New Employees

04/03/2009 - In the fall Datatech hired Brittany Hart to assist our sales and training departments.  This past month we have another new hire.  Jake Moffat is multitasking, working both in our programming department and helping out in the IT services department building computers and making service calls. Previous to Datatech, Jake worked as a project manager for Fresno based telecommunications company, Elecom.

New Product Announcement

04/01/2009 - Datatech IT Solutions, Datatech's sister company,  is now offering the Wave IP 500 telephone system from Vertical Communications.  It is cost effective for as small as a 5 phone office and is upgradeable to a maximum of 50. Best of all, the base system price is half that of the IP 2500, making it affordable for small businesses.

The Wave IP 500 has many of the same features of more expensive systems, like visual voice mail, detailed call logs, call reporting, voicemail to email and much more. If you are not familiar with the possible cost benefits of computer integration and Voice over IP, send us an email ( or check out our web site (

The Wave IP 500 compliments and rounds out Datatech IT Solutions phone system offerings. The Vertical SBX IP 320 which has had a lot of success, is designed for small offices, but doesn’t have much in the way of computer integration. The Wave IP 2500 is one of the most feature packed phone systems around but was expensive for the small to medium sized office. The new Wave IP 500 is the perfect fit for small to medium offices looking for the latest technology in phone systems. 

New Features


Daily Payroll Entry - Several new features have been added to the Daily Payroll Entry screen, Defaults and Reports to make data entry faster and easier than ever.  A second "skip" option has been added to skip all entries from the Employee Acct # to the Units/Hours.  This make repetitive entries with the same field & job code as fast as possible.  When you are entering daily payroll by Time Sheet #, you can now print the Daily Payroll report for all Time Sheets, getting a breakdown and sub-total per sheet by selecting the "Sub-Totals by Time Sheet option.  For customers using the State and/or Deduction columns in the Daily Payroll Entry, these fields will now repeat from the previous line.

Bank Reconcilement - An option to display transactions After the Statement Date has been added to the Right Click menu in the Bank Reconcilement window.  This allows you to clear a transaction that was posted after the statement date, but cleared on that statement.

Cash Basis Adjusting Entries/Financial Reports - On Datatech's financial reports a Cash Basis option to has been added to get your position by either Cash Basis or Accrual throughout the year.  At the end of the year, if you want to create journal transactions to show the accrual based entries being backed out to a "Cash Basis" position you may run the Cash Basis Adjusting Entries option.  However, after you use the Cash Basis Adjusting Entries, don’t select the Cash Basis option when printing financial reports. 

Tax Changes

03/15/2009 - As explained below, the Making Work Pay Tax Credit adjust the federal income tax withholding tables.  Updates to The Farmer's Office, The Labor Contractor's Office, The Broker's Office, and The Shipper's Office are now available with the updated tax tables.  Employers can start using the new tables immediately.  If you have any trouble downloading the update, contact Customer Support and we can mail the update to you on CD-ROM.

California has passed a budget that includes increase in the personnel income tax rates, sales tax rates and reduces the dependent tax credit to the personnel tax credit rate.  New withholding tables have not been issued yet.  Sales tax rates are scheduled to increase 1% on April 1st.  You will need to adjust the sales tax rates on in the Territory file as of April 1.  A new feature has been added to the program to adjust all of the rates at once.  Contact Customer Support if you would like to get an update with this feature.

The change to the dependent tax credit will require employees to adjust their withholding allowances.  So far, the state has not issued a new DE-4 to reflect this change.

If you have version or later, use the Check for Updates option on the Tools menu to download the latest version of the program with the adjusted Federal Tax Withholding Tables.  If you have version or prior, click here to download the update from the web site.  (Note that you must have already installed the 2008 Year End Update.)

Making Work Pay Tax Credit

Congress has approved and the President has signed new economic recovery legislation, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.  Included in this legislation is the “Making Work Pay” tax credit.  This credit is calculated at 6.2% of earned income and phases out for taxpayers with adjusted gross income over $75,000 (single filers) or $150,000 (married couples filing jointly).

The IRS has implemented the tax credit by adjusting the federal income tax withholding tables.  The new tables will reduce the amount of federal income tax withheld on paychecks, increasing take-home pay. 

Some employees will not see a change in their net pay.  The tax tables do not change for higher-income employees due to the phase out limits.  Low-income employees that already do not have federal income tax withheld will also see no change in their take-home pay, but they are eligible to receive the credit when filing their tax return for 2009.

The IRS requests that employers start using the new tax tables no later than April 1.

Program updates with the new tax tables will shortly be available for download.  If you do not have Internet access, you can call Datatech Customer Support and request an update on CD-ROM

If you want to start using the new withholding table immediately, you can enter the new rates manually.  Go to the Payroll, Setup, Federal Tax Table option and enter the rates show below:

For more information see the following links:

The Making Work Pay Tax Credit

New Wage Withholding Tables Now Available

New Payroll Features

8/30/2007 - New payroll features are in development and will be available soon...

"No-Match" Letters.  The program will track employees for which you have received a "no-match" letter from the Social Security Administration to help you follow the safe harbor provisions established by the Department of Homeland Security.

H-2A Employees.  Several customers have asked about doing payroll for H-2A employees.  While it is currently possible to set up wage types to handle the special tax-exempt status of H-2A workers, we are making additional changes to handle H-2A workers better.  This includes adding a H-2A checkbox on the employee setup window, suppressing W-2 printing for H-2A workers, printing 1099-M's for H-2A workers, and adding an H-2A selection on various reports.  The H-2A payroll features will be available as an extra cost option.  If you are interested, please contact our sales department for more details.

For your convenience, we have reprinted articles from Ag Alert on our web site that discuss the H-2A program and the new DHS "No-Match" rules.

Price Changes

08/01/2007 - There are new order forms for The Farmer's Office, The Labor Contractor's Office and The Shipper's Office.  If you currently have an old order form, those prices will be honored on all purchases made before September 30th. 

New Remote Communications Software

06/30/2007 - Datatech is now using Ultra VNC for providing customers with remote support connections.  This free program provides security and easy connections, along with file transfer capabilities.  View instructions for downloading, installing, and using UltraVNC here.

New Employee Quick Entry

03/33/2007 - A new option in the Employee entry window will change the display to "Quick Entry" mode.  This entry screen contains only the main information that is entered when setting up a new employee.  This will speed up data entry time considerably. 

Save Reports as PDF

12/31//2006 - All reports in Datatech's Accounting software can now be saved as a PDF.  Contact Datatech for instructions to save reports as a pdf file.  A button on the Print Preview window will also automatically create an email attachment as a pdf file.

Upcoming Farm Shows

10/19/2006 - Datatech will be exhibiting at the following upcoming farm shows:

Stockton Ag Expo, San Joaquin Fairgrounds, January 16-18, 2007
World Ag Expo, Tulare, CA, February 13-15, 2007

The farm shows are a great opportunity to meet us and discuss how our software can work for your operation.

Positive Pay

10/19/2006 - Bank of the West has been added to the list of banks Datatech has worked with to export payroll checks for the Positive Pay program.  Other banks include: Citibank, Bank of the Sierra, Wells Fargo, Mission Bank and Westamerica Bank. Positive Pay is a fraud detection service that catches fraudulent checks before they clear your account.


Vehicle Maintenance Software Update

09/15//2006  - If you operate a trucking or large farming operation, chances are you maintain a large fleet of vehicles. Keeping track of the maintenance of these vehicles can be a time consuming task.

Datatech has designed a program that takes all the hassle out of keeping track of vehicle maintenance. The Vehicle Maintenance software is designed for companies that either do maintenance in-house or send vehicles to an outside mechanic. The program will track mileage when you enter fuel tags and report when a vehicle is in need of scheduled maintenance. A work order can then be created for your mechanics to detail the maintenance to be completed. Cost analysis reports provide data on fuel, scheduled maintenance, and repair costs with totals and per mile costs.

We have updated features in the Purchase Order program, so if you need an update or a new evaluation copy of the software call Hannah at (888) 222-DATA ext. 101.

Easier Program Updates

12/21/2005 - Program updates are easier than ever now for customers with Internet access.  Instead of downloading updates from our web site and running the setup.exe to install, just go to the Tools menu and select Check for Updates.  The program will automatically check Datatech's server for the latest update, and tell you if a newer version is available for download.  It can then download the update and start the installation process automatically for you.  You can even have the program check for updates on a regular basis for you.

New Crop Report Options

12/17/2005 - New cost accounting report options have been added to the Monthly Crop Report and the Consolidated Crop Report.  First, the Monthly Crop Report offers the option of selecting the report order (much like the change made last year to the detailed Worker's Comp Report).  This allows you to change the report "on the fly" and do things that weren't possible before.  For instance, if you are printing the Monthly Crop Report using a consolidated crop report definition, you can now get subtotals by Cost Center ID.

The Consolidated Crop Report is more flexible now with the addition of four different options for selecting the cost centers that will be printed on the reports.  The existing method of setting up a consolidated crop report definition is still there of course.  This allows you to select any cost centers that you want to appear on the report.  New options include selecting a range of cost centers (beginning and ending Cost ID), selecting an overhead cost center (which will include all of the cost centers assigned to that overhead), selecting a commodity to print (all cost centers whose Commodity field matches what you select) and selecting a customer account to print (use by farm labor contractors and farm management companies, this will select all cost centers assigned to that customer).

Label Printing

12/15/2005 - A time saving feature that we have added to our accounting software is the ability to print single labels for customers, vendors, and employees on a dedicated label printer.  Laser printers are great for printing a large number of labels, but if you often just need one label for an envelope or a file folder, a label printer like the Dymo LabelWriter series is the way to go.  Our accounting software now has options to print single labels on these printers for mailing, file folders, and shipping labels.  There's also an option for you to type in a label manually and print it.

Acreage Split Enhancement

12/14/2005 - The acreage split features has been enhanced. The program can now memorize the cost centers, general ledger account and job code used on an acreage split.  An Acreage Split transaction that has been memorized can be easily recalled later for another vendor check or invoice.

To recall an Acreage Split that has been memorized, just right-click on the Acreage Split button.  A popup menu will appear listing the acreage splits that have been memorized.  Just select the one that you want from the menu, and the Acreage Split Worksheet window will appear with all of the information.  You can make adjustments at that point or just click on Ok to save.

New Backup Feature

12/13/2005 - One of the new features included in the year end update is a Backup & Restore option.  This will allow you to create a backup of your data files with just a couple of clicks.  Data files can be backed up to your hard drive, a shared network drive, or any removable media (floppy disk, flash memory drive, ZIP disk).  The backup files are standard ZIP files, so you can access them with any standard ZIP software (WinZip, etc.).  You can even schedule automatic backups on a regular basis and the program will prompt you to do the backup when exiting.

Updated 12/17/2005:  The Backup feature also has an option that will upload the backup file to our server.  This is very helpful in situations where we need access to your data files to diagnose a problem.  In the future, we may also offer a service where we will maintain off-site backup files for you.

Blank Paper Printing of Forms 940 EZ, 941 and 943

12/12/2005 - Instead of filling out these forms by hand or in a typewriter, you can now enter all of the information need to print on the forms in the Payroll program.  The completed form will be then be printed right on your laser printer.

The Datatech Gang

8/8/2002 - Put faces with the voices!

Pictured, top row, from left to right are:  James Davidian, Matthew Davidian, Jake Moffat.  Bottom row from left to right:  Beth Titterington, Hannah Tarrats, Damaris Davidian, Isaac Davidian.






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