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IRS Announcement

Form W-11


 Take Advantage of the HIRE Act Tax Credit!

 New legislation has been passed to provide tax incentives for businesses that hire unemployed workers. Employers hiring workers that have been unemployed for at least 60 days will receive a 6.2% payroll tax incentive, in affect exempting them from their 6.2% share of FICA on the wages of those qualifying hires*.  This Tax Credit is set to expire at the end of 2010!  The Hire Act also includes a business tax credit for employees retained for one year.

Datatech has recently added this new credit calculation to our payroll software.  The software will:

 Ř            Allow you to flag employees who qualify for the credit and who have returned the required documentation.  

Ř            Calculate your credit for the wages paid to qualified employees and provide you with the adjusted amount of tax liability.

Ř            Print the new 941 and 943 forms, itemizing the tax credits.  The 941-B and 943-A (Record/Report of Tax Liability) will print the adjusted tax liability, taking the credit into account.

Ř            Provide a report of qualified employees that have been employed for one year for 2011 income tax credit preparation. 

You may take advantage of this credit for any employees hired after March 19, 2010 that meet the qualifications and fill out Form W-11 or another document stating their eligibility. 

 Depending on your hiring patterns, this

tax credit could save you thousands of dollars.*

 Call Datatech if you’d like to save money and need easy software to take advantage of this tax credit.  Datatech makes it easy to switch software mid-year.  We can import Employees and Payroll History from most ag accounting programs.  We also may be able to import your Growers, Fields, Phases/Jobs, Vendors, Employees, G/L Chart of Accounts, and Journal Transactions.

 For more information on Datatech’s payroll & accounting software for labor contractors, call our sales team at (888) 222-DATA (3282) or visit:


*Please contact your tax advisor for more details on how you can qualify for this tax credit.


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